BETA came public

GreekAndroidApps logo

One of the most popular pages at is the “GreekApps” page. A list of all the greek applications with description and a download link.

It seems that greek users care enough for native content at their android phones and this shows a path for sure.
GreekApps page was extremely simple and as the number of the apps grew more and more it seemed that we should develop a new platform.

Today was the launch date of GreekAndroidApps a platform to host all the greek android applications. It’s been 9 hours since the release and we are happy to announce that 29 applications have been added already! Thanks to all the contributors!

The release life cycle will be as follows:
08/03/2011 -Beta release of the add application platform
15/03/2011 -Public listing of the added applications
??/04/2011 -User registration and category voting on applications
??/04/2011 -The android application will be released in beta

For all those interested, the server side was build on the Google’s App Engine in Java and the site’s frontside is php, html and css.

Stay tuned to GreekAndroidApps (twitter) for further updates!

We hope all the greek android fans to support our efforts =)


Making life a better place

The previous week, I got a very touching e-mail.
It was the father of a tetraplegic child who said that his son loves to play with an Android tablet. He kindly asked me if a had the time to develop a simple greek keyboard for his son to create words with and learn the alphabet.

Despite my very limited free time, it was a request that I could not pass by.

The result was this:

You can download the app here.

I’m really grateful my skills actually helped someone in a deeper term.
I now have deep thoughts of how technology can help and improve the lives of such people.


Vodafone Joy 845

As most of you probably know, I am a “phone” person which means I spend a lot of time using and developing on mobile devices but also speaking on them.

My current Cosmote contract does not fit my needs, as I talk a lot with Vodafone numbers (including my girlfriend’s) so the best solution was to sign a Vodafone contract too.


Today with my new contract, I got a Vodafone Joy 845! After using the HTC Desire for over 7 months I must admit that the 845 is a terrible device, but yet an excellent option, extremely valuable for it’s cost! (~100euros)

I haven’t rooted my Desire, but those vodafone widgets and apps on Joy must disappear.

First station: How to root Vodafone Joy 845