Polychronis Kostas
A passionate and ambitious guy trying to change the world.

Head of Mobile at Splunk.com
Founder at Phlock.io

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I started programming in QBasic, Visual Basic, mIRC Scripting and then I occupied myself with Windows Mobile development on my first PDA. I got a BS in Telecommunication Systems and Networks from the Technical Educational Institute of Messolonghi. During my studies I founded the Nafpaktos Wireless Network and I was active member of the Athens Linux User Group, Debian Greek Users, Patras Linux User Group and Patras Wireless Network groups.

My first professional contact with mobile device programming was at Intracom, while my first contact with Android was at 2007 for my diploma project. I founded the Greek Android Community (AndroidGreece.gr) and built my first Android applications while I was working at ByteMobile as Android software engineer. After my mandatory service to the Greek Army I dropped out from my MSc in Information Systems at the Athens University of Economics and Business to work as Android Software Engineer at ADds. At the end of 2010, I founded Pinapps, a mobile software development company.

During the start of the third year and after 25 applications developed for Business clients and startups, I founded a social app discovery startup keeping the same cool name. The summer of 2011 I joined BugSense, a startup in San Francisco located in Athens, that offers a real time bug tracking and mobile insights services. BugSense was acquired by Splunk http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20130916-908332.html.

I moved to San Francisco on February of 2014 and since then I’m working as Head of Mobile for Splunk MINT. On February of 2015 I founded a startup called Phlock, a simple, secure and fast way for groups of people to easily exchange their photos for Android, iOS and Web.

I have given many presentations in conferences and meetings like Splunk’s .conf 2014 & 2015, DroidCon 2011 at London, the 12th Infocom Conference, the Athens Digital Week 09 & 10, the Fosscomm 09 & 10. I was applications judge at HTC’s Greek Android Developers challenge and I have been interviewed at the Greek version of “The economist”, the MAD radio and in several technology websites.
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