Because you can teach math or models much easier than you can teach someone to be smart and make wise decisions.
Also, it’s way hard to standardize tests for wisdom.



Goodbye BugSense, hello Splunk!

The last 5 months of my life were -without any doubt- the craziest in my life.

Long story short, Splunk acquired BugSense and we are joining one of the most hot, promising and intriguing companies of Silicon Valley.

I’m extremely glad with my new role, helping Splunk conquer the HUGE data from the mobile space.

I big thanks to the ex-BugSense team, we worked perfectly together, we accomplished great things, we had fun and last but most important, we will remain a strong team.




God rewards fools

The way to get to the top of the heap in terms of developing original research is to be a fool, because only fools keep trying. You have idea number 1, you get excited, and it flops. Then you have idea number 2, you get excited, and it flops. Then you have idea number 99, you get excited, and it flops. Only a fool would be excited by the 100th idea, but it might take 100 ideas before one really pays off. Unless you’re foolish enough to be continually excited, you won’t have the motivation, you won’t have the energy to carry it through. God rewards fools.

Martin Hellman