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Great day, yesterday: 2 new apps!

Well, yesterday was a great day after a crazy weekend.
Too bad the insomnia I had the day before yesterday didn’t let me enjoy it at the most.

Allow me to be more specific:
Yesterday the Kingbet application we were developing for a while, finally got it’s way to the Android Market.
Do not think it looks like the iPhone’s version, be sure it looks exactly the same :)

Secondly, the Motivation App for Android it’s finally here!
It was my “20%” project and took 3 days to complete with the development of the server and the design of the graphics. I would like to declare that I love motivation pictures!
So we have, comments system, like and favorites system, sharing, reporting, uploading your own motivation, save to SD card and more features are to come.

More to come, I promise :)