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Playing with StatSVN

Today was a project finishing day.
Using Subversion for over a month of work, it would be nice to get and study some stats.

We are using Redmine, a great project management web application, written using Ruby on Rails framework that can connect with a repository (it supports Subversion, CVS, Mercurial, Darcs, Bazaar and Git) and present the revisions with diff and the like, but the statistics page is poor including only Commits per month and Commits per author. (thanks to Jimmy for that suggestion).

In search of a more complete Statistics system for Subversion I came across with StatSVN!

Talk is cheap. Show me how to use it!

It is really simple: just download the tool from SourceForce, unzip it and get the statsvn.jar file.

Now, go to your project’s root directory and create a log file:
cd myproject
svn log --xml -v > ~/myprojectsvn.log

Then run the statsSVN tool!
java -jar /path/to/statsvn.jar ~/myprojectsvn.log /path/to/project

and open the index.html file and check the statistics.

It includes tweet buttons, how cool is that? ;)