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[ACRA] Application Crash reporter lib

AndroidBlogger posts a very useful library for crash reporting named ACRA.

Read the post here

Check out the project’s site here

The advantages of ACRA are:
* You don’t have to develop your own server side solution, it’s all done by google. You don’t even need a web server. A google login is enough !
* All crash reports are sent. Nivek made it modular so you can choose how you inform the user that a crash was send ( no feedback, toast feedback, feedback as a notification )
* it’s soooo easy to use !
* It’s working with every Android version
* You still can add your own custom informations
* You can use it to send information even when there is no crash ( for instance if your code is in a strange state, but you manage to catch the problem, and put it back in a stable state. You may still be interested by what bring this strange state in the first place ).
* You can receive a mail each time the google doc has changed ( so each time a new bug arrived ), or in a daily digest form (that’s what I’m using ).
* Lastly, and this is something I didn’t have time to investigate, but I’m sure is _really_ powerful, you can use all the power of Google doc to use the information and present it in any useful way you want.