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Athens Digital Week, the results

Konstantinos Polychronis presenting Android @ ADW 2010

Athens Digital Week came to it’s end, and it is time to sum up the experience.

Given the chance to present Android to the Athens Digital Week audience, I would like to declare that given any chance to promote Android, I will be there.

I would like to thank the Athens Digital Week committee once more, the people that came to watch my talk and I hope they liked it, and last but not least, some of my friends, that not having anything to do with “the computing stuff” came to support me. I also wish I could spend even more time at Hellug‘s booth.

I added some key points to my presentation, but, for sure, some parts need to be refreshed. I promise not to let that happen again. Unfortunately, not enough people came with their computers, so the workshop was canceled. Instead of the workshop, I spend more time talking for the third -and most interesting- section of the presentation named: “Life as an Android developer”.

I’m very happy to see the increase in the interest for Android, and even more people developing for it.
I’m also glad to meet in person some of the very active members and moderators of the AndroidGreece Forum. Good job guys (including those I haven’t ever met), keep walking!

I believe and hope that Greece can and will produce lot’s of high quality Android applications and games.

(Note: Yes, that silver thing at the photo is a MacBook Pro from Apple, stop buzzing me :P)

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