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Thoughts on App Inventor for Android

Yesterday I was reading about Google’s new idea App Inventor for Android.

At first I was completely excited! Everyone with basic computer skills (moving the mouse for example) and without any further programming experience can now move simple good looking blocks and create Android applications!

Quite dangerous!

Let me explain why:
One of Android’s biggest disadvantage is not the quantity of the Android applications available on Android Market, but the quality. Android Market needs to be filled with high quality applications and games. The use of Java as the main programming language for Android resulted in lots of -not that experienced- programmers to create an Android application and to upload them to Android Market leading to a market full of crappy apps.

Now imagine if anyone -COMPLETELY NOT EXPERIENCED AT ALL- can upload his android application to the Android Market. I really do not want my neighbor who loves her cat to fill Android Market with “Press the image button with my cat’s face on it and hear it mewwww – oh my god it is so sweet” applications.

The deal is that one could create a GREAT app using this tool. But most of the user to operate it, will not. And you know it! Google invented this tool for stupid people and only stupid people will use it ;)

That being said by a guy who created -among great others- the “Tickle me” application which I am not proud at all. I promise to rectify as soon as possible.

Hopefully Google will not allow applications created from the App Inventor to enter Android Market, or at least create a quality control team for those applications. So, why not to use these guys to check the applications on the Android Market too? Good idea in my opinion. Google should not be so loose and remove total crappy applications.

Check what App Inventor can do: